Sonic Unleashed is Awesome, Actually

I have mixed feelings about Sonic Generations. On the one hand, it’s one of the best video games of all-time; a nostalgic trip through the history of a beloved franchise, with 2D and 3D levels set in the most recognizable worlds of previous Sonic games, beautiful graphics, perfectly responsive controls, excellent level design, a soundtrack … Continue reading Sonic Unleashed is Awesome, Actually

Dopefish Reviews This Is The Police 2

Hey, who here remembers when THQ Nordic held an AMA on a child-porn site? Anyone? THQ Nordic sure have had a colourful and eventful history; publishing well-received series like Painkiller and Book of Unwritten Tales, they’ve just published Biomutant which I’m hearing decent things about, they’ve acquired the distribution rights to some fantastic intellectual property … Continue reading Dopefish Reviews This Is The Police 2