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Outlast, Mount Massive Asylum & Ableism

Outlast might be a good horror game, but is it fair to call it ableist? Yes. Absolutely. I mean, it’s not even – anyway, let’s look at it in more detail.

Why Banning Nazis is Good, Actually

Remember that time Games Done Quick banned a runner and everyone complained and then it turned out he was a Nazi? Good times.

The Many Pretentious Failings of Spec Ops: The Line

I could try to come up with a better way of saying it, but basically, Spec Ops: The Line is pretentious bullshit for faux-intellectually superior gaming snobs, and I explain in great detail exactly why.


Let’s talk about the multitude of ways in which Telltale games repeatedly hamstring their attempts to provide you with a decent story by constantly making 3rd grade writing mistakes.

Link’s A-Waker-ning

Why The Wind Waker HD is simultaneously an excellent video game and also not worth purchasing if you’ve already got the original.

Hatred Begets Hatred

Hatred is edgy teenage attention-seeking garbage, but does it have a right to exist?