If I write it, but it’s not really a straightforward review, it’ll end up here. Newest articles at the top.

Pokémon Picross is Freemium Garbage

I personally propose that Pokemon Picross purportedly proves that the least-shitty fee-to-pay game is still shitty. Kind of gave up on the alliteration halfway through there.

Sonic Unleashed is Awesome, Actually

Making the case that this hit or miss 2008 Sonic game was, in retrospect, far more hit than miss. Also the Werehog levels were fun, fight me.

Please Stop Updating The Binding of Isaac

A desperate plea to a developer whose creation has been holding my free time hostage for close to five years now.

The Pointless Plot of Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is a perfectly fine, adequate game, with a perfectly disappointing, unambitious plot that could have been a lot better.

Sense and Censorship: A Manufactured Outrage?

A brief history of publishers creating controversies in order to quickly gain notoriety, and whether indie horror game Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story fulfils those requirements.

10 Great Games I Played In 2020

Ten games, in no specific order, that made my 2020 just a little less unbearable.

The Timeless Nostalgia of RollerCoaster Tycoon

My attempt at a BuzzFeed-esque ’15 things EVERY RollerCoaster Tycoon Player will remember!’, but really just an excuse for me to go on about my favourite game.

Class Division & The St Christopher’s School Lockdown

How ‘The St Christopher’s School Lockdown’ explores politics, class inequality, and clicking on funny words in koi ponds to cheer yourself up.

Outlast 2: What Went Wrong?

… Basically everything. Hm. Why did I write 6,000 words about this when those two seem to do the job pretty well?

Outlast, Mount Massive Asylum & Ableism

Outlast might be a good horror game, but is it fair to call it ableist? Yes. Absolutely. I mean, it’s not even – anyway, let’s look at it in more detail.

Why Banning Nazis is Good, Actually

Remember that time Games Done Quick banned a runner and everyone complained and then it turned out he was a Nazi? Good times.

The Many Pretentious Failings of Spec Ops: The Line

I could try to come up with a better way of saying it, but basically, Spec Ops: The Line is pretentious bullshit for gaming snobs, and I explain in great detail exactly why.


Let’s talk about the multitude of ways in which Telltale games repeatedly hamstring their attempts to provide you with a decent story by constantly making 3rd grade writing mistakes.

Link’s A-Waker-ning

Why The Wind Waker HD is simultaneously an excellent video game and also not worth purchasing if you’ve already got the original.

Hatred Begets Hatred

Hatred is edgy teenage attention-seeking garbage, but does it have a right to exist?